Thursday, August 16, 2012

house chaos update!

 We really protected those floors while we textured (thanks Daddy!) and painted


I'm talking thick cardboard and plastic.

 Now it looks like this!
 OooOOooo pretty!  These pictures definitely highlight how ridiculous those windows are...and how ugly the front door is...oh well-I can only do so much with what I've got!  Whats funny is, this room is almost done and there is practically no furniture to put back in it! We're almost starting from scratch.  Which I love because it means I can dream away;)

We still have this mess going on here

except its missing the furniture from Ivy's room and we've added one little thing. Can you spot it?

Yep. We have paint. Beautiful deep glorious teal paint.  I love this color...the picture above seems to be truest to color-photos just do not do it justice.
 Just picture bright white trim, touches of gray and yellow, and silver hardware.  Its going to be the perfect place to sit and soak in the tub! Because you know- I have hours of  available time to just sit around...

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  1. It is looking great! So nice to see I'm not the only lady of the house going through a BIG remodel while living in the house! how many square feet are y'all working in? We have right at 800, well. A little less, but I prefer to view it as more!