Tuesday, September 4, 2012

3 days of lazy

Its been a couple of lazy wonderful days.  We didn't do much of anything and we were completely unmotivated to work on the house - which happens probably close to never since my sweetheart has a hard time relaxing. Remember when he took 2 weeks off to help me when Ivy was born and ended up tearing out the bathroom? Fun times...He is just such a hard worker and can't ever just sit still when there is SO much work to be done! It was just so nice to just lay around and enjoy each other for once.  We did fill nail holes and sand trim in the living room though-just very leisurely ...we can't help ourselves...

 My parents came over for dinner and we used our new patio furniture for the first time ever

Its been too hot to spend more that 10 min outside but Thursday evening brought a nice breeze that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were full of good food, afternoon naps and pool time.

We spent some time with Michael's parents too where Gwen helped Grandma paint clothespins for her "solar dryer" 

 and we took a little nature walk.

 The air smelled like pine and sunshine and we enjoyed the peace and quiet
 until we caught up with grandpa who is working on digging a pond with his brand new tractor...

We really enjoyed our 3 day weekend and it was really hard to send Michael back to work this morning ;(

How did you spend your extra day off?  Relaxing like us? Or were you more productive??   I think I have a relaxation hangover...can I just lay around today too?

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  1. I love looking at your blog... so artistic and full of personality :) Such a beautiful family!