Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ivy's Room

Ivy's room looked like this last time I logged in to the bloggy world

 and I looked like this:

well now I look like this

  and the room I had  plans to make look like this:

looks like this:

nobody freak out-those pillows are just for show

The letters are cardboard and from Hobby Lobby. All they needed was a couple coats of teal spray paint and some of those sticky poster hangers. They're my favorite part of the room!  I love them so much I had to put some in Gwenies room!

I also bought some for the bathroom-but I digress...

 the leftover fabric from the bunting I made will eventually make its way to these hoops.

I have big plans of embroidering something in one of them too but we'll see how much time I have with 2 little ones...

so you may have noticed the lack of yellow painted furniture-all of you wood enthusiasts will be happy to hear My  Loving Man nixed my ideas of bright cheery furniture-yep took that dream and smashed it...:(

I was however allowed to paint our rocking chair in my beloved yellow

epic. fail.

something was seriously wrong with this spray paint-it went on like water even after roughing up the surface and everything!  I made sure it wasn't the wood with an spare can of white and sure enough-its the paint.

so technically this room isn't really 'done.'   I have fabric to put in hoops and a chair to salvage. It will go in this corner (with those fabulous pillows in it) next to this cute wall hanging my sister in law gave me!

 I really love this space. It makes me smile every time I walk through it-which is often since the only bathroom is through that door.

 But not for long... my husband has been off for 2 weeks and is a workaholic so the back room looks like this:

yeah...good thing I love him

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