Thursday, October 11, 2012

House update!

We're still plugging away on this little bathroom...

 Michael has installed trim and tile and grout and while it may not look like a whole lot has changed in here rest assured he spent enough time working in here to warrant a shout out here on the blog-can I get a Holla! for the hubby!??! 

Just look at that precise tile work!
Now that the basics are all finished in here its time for the fun stuff! I  put together a  mood board  for this space and these images reflect what I would like to have but I've also been loving these beautiful bathrooms

I'm also dreaming up laundry accommodations while I'm at it.

Don't look over there to your right. Just ignore that.

I really love this laundry room

Especially the doors. The doors are a neccesity.  No way I want to stare at all the laundry waiting for me while soaking in my big beautiful bathtub...

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  1. I just love the exposed piping from the showerhead in the first two pictures!