Monday, October 29, 2012

weekend recap!

Weekend recap time! We had a busy week and the weekend was no different.  Lets do the minimum words maximum pictures thing- I konw you're here for the eye candy anyway...

Friday night BBQ!

We wear cute shoes.

We also wear...hats. This is my older brother and younger sister sporting hats made out of beer cans.  We like to keep it classy.

We shopped all day Saturday. My husband needed new clothes! I didn't buy one single thing. Mostly because my side of the closet is pretty well stocked and his looks like the Serengeti in the dead of winter.  The kids took it like champs and were mostly happy the whole time. It was a day of miracles people. My husband SHOPPED and the children didn't completely melt down!


 Sunday we went to church and hung out with some friends that I know well enough to clean in front of. Cause that's what I did-cleaned up, started laundry and worked on the living room gallery wall

 all while chatting with some pretty amazing ladies! They even brought lunch-my friends rock.

I also sported some pocahontas hair. Don't worry I'm 1/25th Cherokee so that's totally PC.
Really I'm just thrilled that my hair can be classified as long again. My longtime readers will remember this post about how much I missed my hair. Deep stuff here. Very profound.

Our weekend ended/began in the very best way. Snuggling on our new couch in our almost completed living room ( that  I cant wait to share pictures of) with a sleeping baby and national geographic. it really doesn't get much better than this:)

I hope your weekend was just as good! Have a happy Monday!!

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