Monday, December 10, 2012

Are you ready for a Photodump!?

Happy Monday!

We're in especially high spirits around here-The weather is finally chilly so its feeling more Christmas-y and my amazing husband is home for the whole month of December! I  love having him around...I'm not nearly as productive but he's pretty good company so I don't mind ;) I hope you all had a weekend as wonderful as ours. We spent Saturday Celebrating Christmas with my mom's side of  the family and Sunday out at Michael's parents.  The men occupied themselves with very manly tasks like splitting wood and teaching the kids how to shoot a bow and arrow. Lots and Lots of fun:)

Tell me that's not attractive....
 That's Micahels older brother and his son Paul. They're teaching him how to get his man card...
Man Card gained. Michael approves.

The baby started out fully clothed...
and here's where we ended's hot in Texas
I'm a photobomb expert. Obviously.

oh hey there Katniss
Disclaimer: Yes I know babies shouldn't play with balloons. Yes I was Right there. No you shouldn't judge me;)

Thanks to Yvette my sister-in- law for taking such great pictures!
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  1. Your man is gorgeous and you have a super family. Lucky you.

  2. what awesome pictures, what a sweet little family! I am so happy the weather is finally chilly here!
    Helene in Between

    1. I know! It's really hard to get in the Christmas Spirit when its 89 degrees...