Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Meet Kendra!

Today I am excited to introduce you to my December Sponsor, Kendra Kay!
hey there!
can i let you in on a secret? 
today is my first guest post ever! 
this is me!  
kendra, kendra kay, kp, yo you. 
i basically answer to all of those-and more. 

i'm so excited to *meet* all you lovely readers of thistles and twigs-for real! 
i don't want to disappoint so i spent all kinds of time thinking over what kind of post i should do for y'all. 
i wasn't sure if i should tell you about myself, ya know, like a quick 411 or show you photos of my 3 littles or share a diy. oh i was in a state of undecided chaos for sure!

anyway, my middle little said i should show my hair bow. yeah, why not? 
i never thought i would wear my own hair as a bow but uh, "never say never" is not a popular phrase for nuthin'!


pull the top half of your hair back
into a ponytail leaving the last bit
out to create a “loop"

separate the loop into 2 even sections

bobby pin the back of each loop section to the back
of your head so it stays in place creating your bow

pick up a small section of hanging hair
to create the center of your bow

bring the braid up and pull it through the
center of your bow letting the remainder hang.
if you need to you can bobby pin this

your hair bow!

kinda fun right? thanks for reading and hangin' out!
you lovely people go on out there and have a great day now ya hear?!

Thanks Kendra for an awesome DIY! Such a cute hairstyle! Go check out her blog HERE If you're interested in sponsoring Thistles and Twigs just click the "advertise' tab at the top of the page for more info! Thanks for reading:)

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