Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guest Post!

Hello! I'm pleased to have Alyssa, from Burnt toast and Soggy Cereal guest posting today!

I'm Alyssa from Burnt Toast and Soggy Cereal (the life of a mom).

Thanks so much for having me! Today I am going to show you how to destroy your jeans. Normally you can buy jeans with holes in them already for an outrageous price. This way cost you SO much less.

First; what you need:

-A pair of Jeans
-Some course sandpaper.

Yep. That's it.
Here are my jeans I'm working with:

I got them at Goodwill for super cheap. They fit perfect.... only one problem. This:

They have a stupid hole (which is probably what landed them at Goodwill in the first place).

So, let's get started. Take your sandpaper and do strict up and down OR side to side motions until you start wearing down the denim. Like so:

Make it as wide or thin, long or short as you want.

and.......... That's it!

You can throw them in the dryer to get all the extra lint off.

I figured I'd do a SUPER simple tutorial for my first one. (:

Now the hole doesn't look so stupid:

Thanks Alyssa! Make sure to go check out her blog!
If you'd like to guest post contact me for more information and thanks for reading!

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