Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday!

Its time for everybody's favorite, WIWW!  This is a weekly post to document my day to day fashion choices and to celebrate the fact that they (usually)  don't include sweatpants! It's a mom victory ;) I encourage you to take that little extra time and fix your hair, or put on that favorite piece of jewelry! Who cares if only the kiddos are going to see you! I'm always more productive if I feel pretty.
First off the weather here has been Ah. Maze. Ing.  Highs in the 80! So this week won't be very inspirational for you cold weather gals! But oh its been glorious...
Thursday was my daughter Gwen's 5th Birthday!  We celebrated with family and I made her this "brave" themed cake

that I'm pretty proud of. My little Merida was pretty happy with it too:)
 Friday I had a play-date with some friends. Michael's younger brother was in town so he left in the wee hours of the morning to go fishing with him and the girls and I joined him at his parents that afternoon. I was actually pretty grouchy because my hair was dirty. for some reason that can really ruin my day...Surely I'm not alone in this?
 Sunday was a good day. See look how clean my hair is! Hahahaa-we had plans with my sister to help them stain their kitchen cabinets after church  but those fell through so instead we went to my parents and watched Downton Abby. Hello sob fest ;(  Any Downton fans out there? WASN'T THAT SERIOUSLY AWFUL!??  I'm still in mourning...
Monday we began the paper purge. Our little 2 drawer file cabinet was getting pretty cramped so Michael and I have been sorting and organizing and shredding all the 'important" documents from the last 6 years! I also came across my pre-pinterest inspiration folders and it was fun to look through them and see some of the ideas translated in our home! I like what I like I guess.  
Tuesday we continued the paper purge and then had dinner with some friends.  
After last weeks '3 Ways To Wear It' I was inspired to pull out my own blazer and I should have worn my black maxi with this outfit but I just wasn't in a skirt mood...

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  1. OK, so your outfits are always super cute (and I couldn't agree more with making that extra effort to be a cute mama) but today I'm really impressed with your cake decorating skills! How cool is that? Thanks for linking up today and I'm looking forward to you guest posting!

  2. You are so right!! Being pretty equals being more productive for me too! Sometimes (like this morning) I have to remind myself its worth the effort. Thanks for the cute reminder.

  3. Oh my goodness, hopping over for the first time from WIWW and your outfits and pictures are so cute! Subscribing!

  4. ok. i love your entire style! it reminds me a lot of my own. i have that first top, only in black, and i love it.

    i found you on wiww, and now i'm your newest follower. you seem like so much fun. :)

    delirious rhapsody

  5. It's been REALLY warm here too (I'm in TX)

    I love all your stuff - especually the top with print ON the BACK!

  6. Love that first top so cute. You have such a strong sense of style

  7. Great pics! Each shot is so captivating! A fashionista like you is really important in the fashion industry. You guys serve as a walking model for clothing and stuff in public. By the way, shredding those important documents was a smart move! Protecting valued information is really important.