Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Gwen!

My Baby is 5 years old. I blinked and 5 whole years passed...I love love love love this little girl.

I love watching her draw and play and love hearing her sing crazy nonsense songs

I love her unique sense of style. Even if sometimes she looks like a bag lady...

I love that she is an excellent photo bomber...

Can't imagine where she gets THAT from...

but seriously..shes good

I love watching the bond between her and Ivy that's already starting to grow.
I love hearing the two of them giggling together...

I love that she made me a Mama.

Excuse me while I celebrate her life and spend my day being thankful I'm a part of it:)

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  1. Love the quick stroll from birth to FIVE!! Happy Birthday Gwen!

  2. ahhh happy birthday gwen!
    she got your beautiful hair too!! :) have a great day!

  3. Oh what a fantastic way to share her love! Enjoy your day with your birthday girl, and soak it all in! I remember being told the day I got married to take a moment, and just step back and soak it all in; to create a memory to last in that whirwind of moments I would want to remember forever. How can we do that everyday? I wish there was a way to remind myself in the past to soak it all in! ^_^

  4. Aw! What a sweetie! it goes by so fast doesn't it?!

  5. She is so adorable! My little man turned 5 yesterday as well! What a great age!