Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Re-Cap!

Hello! Happy Martin Luther King day! It feels a little weird to be writing a "weekend re-cap" because  Michael's brother and his wife are visiting from Oregon and we have a week of fun planned! We're actually out and about with them as I write's my first ever post using just my phone so please bear with me and forgive any wonky text and/or picture placement! Ok enough with the disclaimers. Are you ready to be overwhelmed with cuteness?

Bam. You're welcome.
Also I almost cut my finger off.

kitty band aid makes it all better.

so do cupcakes...
and trampolines!! Actually trampolines make it worse because then I can feel it throbbing...

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and maybe these pictures will help you start your week with a smile!
Thanks for reading!!

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