Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Monday!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

 I promised Friday's "3 ways to wear it"  that afternoon but it was delayed when my Daddy was hospitalized that same day ;( PSA: DON"T SMOKE. He is stable but prayers would be appreciated.

I'll go ahead and share what was supposed to be Friday's post, now!

Neon.  I just can't get into this trend.  Maybe because I just don't think highlighter yellow is a pretty color.  Or maybe because I know it would look terrible on me??  Y'all know me though-I love a fashion challenge! I worked up 3 ways I would realistically wear the neon trend and let me tell you-that last one was hard for me!!

3 ways to waer: NEON

I know I know. That orange barely qualifies as a neon but I had to ease in! Plus a neutral palette is a great way to showcase any colorful accessory  so if you wanted to swap it out for a hot pink or that obnoxious yellow color you could-I personally love the taupe and orange together and think this is one of those effortlessly classic looks.

3 ways to wear: NEON

Oh hey there hipster. No really though thank goodness chambray shirts are so in right now! This is really just another version of a neutral palette with a few neon pieces thrown in there for fun. And look-its that yellow! I actually like it when paired with the denim as it looks slightly subdued against the darker tones. this would be a great everyday outfit as it looks comfy and practical AND fashionable. That's a win!

3 ways to wear: NEON

This is all out neon color-blocking, which is really what this trend is all about.  I really love the color of the green bag and the little pops of pink but I still had to throw a neutral in there to help ground this outfit;) While it still isn't my favorite trend I think this is a fun outfit for a girls night!! No one would have any trouble spotting you in the dark that's for sure... haha!

What is your take on the neon trend? Are you a colorblocking, brightwearing pro? Let me know what's you favorite way to brighten up your wardrobe!!?
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  1. Sorry to hear about your dad. Hope he gets better. My dad still smokes and I just give up lecturing him. Visiting from GFC's blog hop. I"m following you on bloglovin. I would really appreciate it if you followed me as well.