Tuesday, March 19, 2013

RIP Google Connect.

So I know your dying to know how you can still keep track of me when GFC dies in July right?!

Well have no fear!
 Here are all of the different ways you can keep track of me:

 I highly recommend bloglovin for updates:

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or you can like my brand new facebook page:

or you can follow by email over there in the sidebar>

You can also follow my Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.  
I think I might have a social media addiction...

Won't you come be my friend!

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  1. I heard that it's google reader they are going to take out, not GFC, it should still be working after the clean up...



    1. I heard that and all kinds of things so I thought I'd just offer other following options;)

  2. bloglovin' is the best! following you from there now!
    XO the well-traveled wife