Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Life Lately

has been so good. I've been enjoying my little family so much lately that I have been totally unmotivated to blog! I thought it was about time I shared a little photodump/update on what we've been up too! At least what I remembered to take pictures of. Warning-photo heavy!

We went to the zoo-which is always fun. This particular zoo was very small and full of rescue animals
 which made for a very relaxing experience.
There were no crowds, very active animals-including this panther-or black leopard 
that was eying Ivy..
 Which you've already seen if you follow me on Instagram.

 You know we were singing "I like to move it move it!" 
The kids named him prince Julian.
 He was not amused.

It also had a flock of free range peacocks, none of which were shy... 

I've never seen a peacock do this in real life!

 More recently Gwen and I went to a free preview of our local Ballet troupe's mothers day showing! It was her first ballet experience and she was mesmerized. It was a fun mom daughter date and our first since Ivy was born. Much need quality time.

I  had the opportunity to model for an online store 
called Texas Thistles  that sells
 Boot Bling, Barefoot sandals and Tote Treasures! 

It's kind of like accessories for your accessories!
 I am in love with some of the pieces-especially this one

 and I strongly recommended you check it out!

Also one more thing-Our-no wait-Michael's Garden is growing like crazy!! 
Look at the size of these leaves!
We also added 2 more beds to accomadate all our little seedlings so we 
have kale, basil and chives growing here!

Hooray for fresh veggies! I hope you've had a good week/weekend and thank you so much for reading!! 
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