Tuesday, June 4, 2013


AKA Living Room re-tour. 
Recently construction on our remodel has slowed down and I've been feeling antsy 
for some change in our home.  Rearranging  is a free way to bring new life to your space! 
So that's what I did. You gotta mix it up every now and then!

We had the console and couch right when you walked in which created both an entry way of sorts
 and a cozy living space but while it works well for us as a family, 
it does not work so well for company! 
We also host a small group once a week so we had to capitalize on floor space and seating. 


Moving the couch and console to the gallery wall really opened up the space.    

We also love how convenient it is for setting down drinks! 
 Plus its a really fun place to decorate. I decided to lean the 2+2 art on the table and I love how it unifies the wall of art with the couch and table.

  Another great thing about this about this arrangement is the way these chairs 
under these awkwardly-placed too-small-whatwerethecurrentownerthinking- windows
 makes them seem a little less out of place! 
 I also really like the TV at an angle and the fact that the furniture is not centered around it.
It makes this space feel much more company friendly.

One thing I really would love to add is a fiddle leaf fig tree in this guy
  to finish out the wall and fill the space.
Yes that is a pigeon planter. 

See what I mean! 
That wall is just begging for a plant.
I know I know-I'm an artist. 

Here is some actual fiddle leaf figs in case my version just leaves you confused
 It's really amazing what something as simple as moving furniture around can do for your space
I hope I've inspired you to re-arrange if something just isn't working!!
Any areas of your home just begging for a fresh look?

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  1. I've been wanting to rearrange- but not sure how to do it in our space yet. I know I am going to have to get rid of a few things... Your living room looks great!