Monday, May 18, 2015

Blogs I actually read while on a two year blogging break.

Blogging is quite an investment when it comes to the amount of time required. 
 To generate interesting, engaging content while still staying genuine is tough.
I love the blogging community as a whole but in particular I admire these bloggers,
 their dedication and the 'online living rooms' they have created.
 Without further ado:

This blog is an aesthetic dream. Emily's posts are full of beautiful images and she offers a ton of tutorials and freebies to her readers!  Her blog has a calm presence and I always read right away when I see a new post in my inbox.  Emily has a knack for interior design and I love her sense of fashion as well! 

Natalia seems like the type of girl with whom I would be friends in real life. She is so personable and charming and down to earth! Her blog is full of all things beauty plus a little bit about her life as an expat in France.  She posts cute, but practical fashion as a mom of two, product reviews and load of other tips and tricks.  Her writing style is quite spunky as well and more often than not laugh out loud funny!


I love Lindsey's fashion and design sense! They have an adorable home but are in the process of selling it and moving so I'm looking forward to more design posts! Lindsey also hosts the WIWW link party that motivated me to start those posts in the first place. If you're feeling uninspired about your wardrobe just pop over there on a Wednesday!

Lauren has the cutest little girl Scarlett, whose super curly hair reminds me of my Gwen, which is what drew me to her blog in the first place. What kept me there was Lauren's sweet spirit and earnest writing style. She is currently expecting her 2nd baby, a little boy and I'm excited to watch their family grow and to see how Lauren dresses her little man since Scarlett is quite the little fashion maven!

Alison is just inspiring. She hosts really fun fashion challenges, has accessible, gorgeous, personal style and is beautiful to boot! Her blog is all about encouraging other women to find their style and themselves. Her site is a fun place to explore and I love the positive, encouraging atmosphere she has created.

I hope you find some fun new blogs to follow! Do you have any must reads for me to check out? Or perhaps you blog yourself!  Please leave me links in the comments! Thanks for reading!


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    1. Haha! Blogs of people I don't actually know in real life!

  2. I will have to check these out. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great, not that I need more excuses to be on the internet but I'm off to check them out :)

  4. If you want to spend more time online, check out, especially for garden encouragement and her holiday decor ideas.