Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday

Last week's weather proved rainy and wet with air was so humid and thick you could choke on it!  I'm ignoring the awful weather, especially since another muggy week looms ahead
 and instead looking forward to 30 days of celebrating my 30th birthday!! 
(30 days for 30 years seems reasonable, right?!) 
I wanted to wear a lot of springy, light outfits since we're in the middle of May 
but instead its looking a little like fall around here...  

Torrential downpours couldn't keep us at home! We visited one of my sisters and I avoided all my responsibilities at home. (birthday month remember? I'm allowed) 


This is my actual birthday outfit! The sun decided to shine and some friends treated me to dinner! 
Afterward  we headed back home to enjoy some 
after dinner wine and dessert once the kids were in bed.  
Such a good way to start my 30th year! 

Michael took a few days off so we took the kids to my moms, went out to lunch 
and saw the newest Avengers movie! Really enjoyed it-even though it was another rainy day. 
 My hair was not loving the humidity but luckily a friend sent this beautiful headband 
as a birthday gift. I've been loving this hairstyle lately 
and the waves it leaves when you take it down!  Its like 2 hairstyles in one. 

This dress is crazy, I know. On Saturday we went to a Luau themed party, hence the in your face print!. I haven't worn this dress since before Ben was born since its somewhat form fitting and
 I wasn't quite confident enough to wear something so unforgiving but I have been faithfully doing the
 and its been just enough to help tone and lose the last couple pounds! 
Ben was a giant baby (9lbs 10oz) and I definitely gained more during his pregnancy
 so its taken a little longer to work it off.

Another date day! I am in love with my new wedges from Target even though they make me ridiculously tall.  For our date, Michael and I went to one of those paint and wine classes
 and it was so much fun.  We used a Groupon so it was rather affordable as well and
 we have plans to go again very soon! 

That brings us to the end of WIWW! 
I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe found some inspiration to spruce up your daily outfits! 
I personally love the motivation to try a little harder every week! 

                         Sydney Fashion Hunter , Two Thirty Five Designs 

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