Monday, July 19, 2010


Today was a scrub it clean, vacuum the corners, mop under stuff kind of day. My house is spic and span-mmmmmm smells fresh :)

As I was sweating and bending and scrubbing today I was thinking about our remodel and the possibility of it not happening-Michael and I were talking last night about what we would do if we are not able to use our dream plan on this house and even though we're optimistic, we're also we have a couple of back up plans-like doing one room at a time with out really moving any walls and just dress it up so its at least aesthetically any rate as I was cleaning I was thinking about the whole thing and realized even though I HATE some things about this house
(the kitchen :/ the unfinished walls, the sloppy painting skills of the previous owners, the previous owners taste in paint colors that they sloppily painted...and splashed all over the beautiful wood flooring:p)
I also have some pretty cozy little corners that have helped me keep my sanity. I realized that even though i don't like the space we're in I do like the stuff IN the space so that counts for something! :) at any rate my point is, it is possible to be content and happy in un-ideal just takes making the choice to pay attention to the good bits of life and just let the other stuff fade into the background...anyway here are my happy corners:

How comfy is our bed-don't you just want to curl up in its crisp fluffiness!

Our table is the one spot of sunshine in a truly horrendous kitchen...

and of course i have a delightful daughter-so i can't possibly be ungrateful when i have so many wonderful things in my life:)

on another note-I got to play with my felt a bit! I think the circle could have been bigger-so thats what I'll do on my next one-I love hair pieces:)


  1. Well, I like what I can see of your house. You decorate it well and you have an adorable blog. :)

  2. thanks! you are my first comment EVER! congratulations! lol