Sunday, August 8, 2010


well its like we thought-we cant take out the full amount and just do the house all at once :( They said its because we don't have enough equity in our home and blah blah blah-BUT-after pouting a bit and whining to the Hubster now I have another plan!!
We are just going to do the house in stages. which admittedly was my worst nightmare but I'm willing to suffer in a construction zone for a while. the plan now is to transform "the ugly room"- that is really what we call it-into our bedroom-which would be so awesome because it would mean my bedroom would have...A DOOR! right now its completely accessible to just about anyone which means the sweet little children who come to play like to use it as a trampoline and-i have a white comforter people!!! it just doesn't work and makes me all cranky-thats my main beef with you house-you're just not functional! Anyways-I would love to have a room like this:

I especially love that last one...
so stage one is:Level the house (its all wonky)
Transform the ugly room into a blissful retreat

that last part makes me so happy-I literally put myself to sleep at night thinking about what my new kitchen will be like! I want this:

*sigh*Yeeeearn*fret*forcibly shove impatience away*annnd wait.*

anyways I'm sorry I don't have any of my own pictures in this post-my computer is being lame and wont let me upload which is awful because I have quilt pictures to show you! :( grrr-they'll have to wait until next time - I'll damsel in distress my sweetheart into fixing it ;)

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