Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the ugly room transformation !

Hurrah! we have begun ladies and gents ( well just ladies I guess) last Saturday we sheet-rocked the "ugly room" so now its a not so ugly room! Here it is Before:

ew right

this is the old wall paper that was underneath the old sheet rock-i think its kind of cool...

My dad is the mud KING he just slaps that stuff up there

I on the other hand feel like I am literally "slapping" it up there...and everywhere else-not as easy as it looks folks...

I am really excited about this part too-its going to be my new closet!

we're going to put Bi-fold shutter doors there-instead of 2 dinky doors
and someday that door will lead to our masterbath-someday people SOMEDAY!! (that's just me willing it to happen-pay no mind)

so its almost amazing-it needs another coat of float and then texture and THEN paint!
speaking of paint
before we started I finalized my color palette for the house-because I like to have a well thought out plan since i am quite familiar with the flustered feeling that comes with construction and i knew i would need something to reference and also I just really love interior decorating stuff :) SO this is my "master color chart" (aren't i fancy) the top color is for the bedroom
hmmm-they are much more vibrant in real life...oh well you get the jist
and this is for Gwen's room-I have wanted to have a room with these colors since forever (yes FOREVER ok-dramatic much?)

I actually want to paint the outside of my house the blue and have red trim (swwwwooon)
and also-the quilt I'm making for her matches perfectly-I cant wait! heres a peek at the fabric

something not so beautiful happened this weekend too-with all the dust flying around something got stuck in my eye and developed into a sty. Ugh. It is gross and awful and I've only been able to wear mascara on one eye-and that just looks silly...today it is much better-I am actually equally macaraed. (thats not even a word...) I am way too vain to post a picture of my sty in its full Quasimodo glory...

I so can't wait to have our room finished! and er-sorry for the lack of pretty in todays post...I promise next time I will have something inspiring and beautiful to look at!

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