Tuesday, August 31, 2010

you can hug me like a bean....

Progress is good-really good-even when the hubster says, on a Thursday evening at 6pm "Hey (Friend X) is coming over to help me do that wall in Gwen's room" "oh cool, when?" "um-now..."

mmmkayyyy....meaning the room must be cleared and temporary new homes found for all its inhabitants-in about 30 min.
(*breathe deeply, think on all the sweet and wonderful things about the man you married, swallow snarky comments, help him move the 10 billion toys from your daughters room and into-wait for it-OUR ROOM!! YAY!)

actually-its not really that bad-I'm overjoyed to see things change from obscenely ugly:

to just-unfinished:

and these sorts of things he does totally make up for it:)

Also! We found something neat underneath the old sheet-rock and 2 layers of wallpaper! Someone wrote :
"you can hold me like a bean, let me sit on your lap. EW+UR"

which, is weird and makes no sense...BUT it must have been from when the house was built-so 80 years old. I'm thinking it was a private joke between lovers. Or people in the 30's had strange ideas about romance...

any idea what that might mean?

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