Friday, September 16, 2011

Technology hates me. True story.

Hello there blog.

I didn't neglect you on purpose-It was my stupid computers fault. I couldn't upload pictures and nobody likes posts without pictures. The devil machine-aka computer- also ate the I was going way old school on internet explorer. I mean ollld school-it was pixelated. I know. Internet explorer doesn't like blogs apparently. I may or may not have mumbled obscenities in its general direction.

Well now its fixed. And the computer acting like a moody twit was probably due to the fact that I had 8 million pictures saved. (they are now safely stored on disks-thanks to the Man)

anyway-I'm back!

and in my absence there has been house improvement! Do I have a kitchen!?? No.

BUT I do have a sweet little girls room! We needed some sort of clothing storage for Gwen's room (hers is the only one without a closet) We found this wardrobe at our trusty Ikea and it works like a charm. Of course adding a rather large piece of furniture sparked a rearranging frenzy and now we have this:

It really starting to come together and is my favorite place in the house right now:)

We also implemented this job chart
which of course I had to make fancy. Its been wonderful in aiding our morning routine and really helps start our day off right. Alot of them are things that would happen anyway but now she does them eagerly and on her own. We have get dressed, fix hair, brush teeth, clean room, make bed, laundry (she takes her laundry basket to the laundry room) school and playtime! The cards are pieces of laminated scrapbook paper and the sparkly things are be-jeweled round magnets. The metal board was a steal at Hobby Lobby in their spring clearance-I think it was less than $3! It has also been helpful in reminding me to sit down everyday to do school with her - I've worked out our system for that too and so far its working well.

to quote my mother; " Children need the security of a routine. The familiar sequence of events in a day helps little ones feel safe; the world is not chaotic and unsettling, the world is orderly and predictable. When a child knows what to expect, and life proves him/her right, that builds confidence and trust. A happy secure child is a joy to behold!"

Plus giving her 'responsibilities' is setting the tone for our family. I want to teach her that part of being a family is working together to take care of what God has given us:)
yay I'm so happy to be blogging again!

I'll be back later to show you how I'm coping without a kitchen

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  1. I love her room! We have given our son a routine...he is the only 8 y.o. boy that gets himself up and ready for school in the morning. His Chore chart and rewards have been simple, but like your Mom put it-kids need that sort of security that comes from routine and knowing what comes next. :)