Thursday, January 26, 2012

chair makeover!

This project took
I first saw this tutorial on one of my favorite blogs Young House Love and immediately thought "I can do that!"  And I did.  But it was definitely a long term project-of course most of my projects are. Usually those are the ones that give me the most satisfaction ;)

It all started with this beauty.  Oh the stripes...the...Mauve

not a fan

other than being upholstered in ugly its a great chair; good lines, well made and in pretty good shape-there was one small hole in the fabric and that was easily patched. Its slightly noticeable if you're looking  but not enough to deter me

so after patching (confession: totally hot glued that.)  I got to painting.  The concept is very simple.  You mix in a fabric medium (available at craft stores) with latex paint, give it a base coat and then mix that same medium with acrylic paint in the desired color and give it a few more coats. done.  except that it was about 5 more coats. yeah.  oh you also mist it with water during painting for smooth application-here it is with its first, watery, sheer coat.

This tutorial is nice and detailed and rather than retype everything she said I'll save myself some time as I've already invested countless hours on this chair.

I'll be honest-after about 4 coats I shoved it in a corner and didn't touch it for about 5 months-in that time we also ripped out our kitchen and found out we were expecting baby #2 so I don't feel all that bad about it but once Michael started hinting that he'd really like to have a place to sit down and take his shoes off in our room (our bed is ridiculously high of off the ground) I decided it was time to bite the bullet and finish it.  One or two coats later (i don't honestly remember how many it took other than it seemed endless) I deemed it done!  I also painted the legs a glossy black

I apparently have a nice camera for no reason - since half theses pictures are from my iphone...

And at long last - put it in the corner of our bedroom by our closet. 
 My thats a sexy  chair-lets see it from another angle shall we? 

Michael really does use it every morning (as long as I haven't piled laundry that I need to hang up in it) and tells me frequently how much he likes having it in there so I guess his gratitude is enough to make it worth it :)

If you're wondering how that patch job turned out heres a closer look

cant see it?  Me neither unless you get reeeeally close

you can also see in this picture that the stripes left a little texture that I actually like-and also painting it does change the feel of the fabric-it feels alot like canvas but its still very comfy.

overall I deem this project a success! But I'm more excited to say its finished-finally!


  1. Holy moly, that looks fantastic!! Wow, I would be scared. to. death. of that project, but you did an amazing job!

  2. THAT IS AMAZING! I cannot believe you did that! I've always dreamed of doing that to random chairs in my home or being able to dumpster dive and then reupholster something but... dang, girl, you got skillz. Nicely done.