Friday, January 20, 2012

What are we doing with the temporary kitchen room you ask?

Why transforming it into a beautiful nursery of course!

(Need a reminder of what it looked like? click here) The room has already been prepped for paint and I've already mentally decorated it-here is what it looks like at the moment:

this room will be a little different from our usual gut jobs.  We decided to do a semi-temporary fix. eventually when it is its 'turn' we'll build in storage under these stairs and a closet in the corner.

But we have a bathroom and the backroom/den that connects to the kitchen to do first so it could be at least a year before we get to it.  I am totally ok with not looking at the weird silver 'mural' the previous owners created for another year...imagine my surprise when I couldn't find a good picture of it-why WOULDN"T I want to document that masterpiece!  Here are a few glimpses of it

 Try not to get distracted by the epic cuteness and concentrate on the epic ugly behind it-for awhile it served as Gwen's 'art wall'  in an attempt to downplay just how awful it looks like the wall has a hairy chest...

At 8x10 this is the smallest bedroom in the house (the others are roughly 11x13) and might serve as a playroom or guest room at some point.  That knowledge gave me the liberty I needed to get the Maskros light from Ikea that I've been in love with! That paired with soft pink and deep gray make me do a little happy dance...
(I went ahead and made another mood board for little Ivy's room since I found it so helpful in the kitchen)

The biggest downside, however, to this being the baby's room is that the only functional bathroom in the house is through that door.

and um-i lied a little bit when I said here is what it looks like "right now" - it actually has its first coat of pink paint-"delicate Bermuda shell" is what its called-kind of a lame name if you ask me- but whatever

which means the next room on the agenda will have to be this one...

This will serve as the 'public' bathroom, as in, the only one accessible without walking through a bedroom and will also end up housing the washer and dryer since our current laundry room will someday be part of the living room.  Big plans people. Big plans. Right now its just a big mess-lets just close that door again

Thats better.

The crib and dresser we bought for Gwen are cherry wood. I am itching to paint them...I would really love to give this dresser a coat of glossy yellow and maybe the crib  but I first have to convince My Loving Man its a good idea ;)

yes i'm aware Its covered in hair supplies

I have a rocking chair that needs a coat of paint too but I'm thinking a chalky light gray might be a nice addition to the yellow furniture-or maybe the bed in gray and the chair yellow?

Whats your vote?!

I am quite pleased to be able to create a space for our little Ivy.  I was expecting to have another ugly room with pretty things in it (i'm talking to you living room : / ) So the idea of another room I love is just...well..lovely! 

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