Wednesday, March 28, 2012

She's Here

Our sweet little Ivy was born March 15th at 10:35am

Gwen is so in love with her little sister and I cant say that I blame her!  I love how my heart swells to envelope both my daughters in the love only a mother knows...

Gwen meeting Ivy:)

She was SO Excited

look at that proud big sister!

my labor started at 5:45am. It was hard right away and no wonder since it was over in 5 hours-my body just got down to business- it was intense.

We have home births so she was born in the same place Gwen was 4 years earlier - in the peace and quiet of our own personal space.:)
Labor and birth are such emotional experiences. I'm amazed at how suddenly you go from absolute overwhelming sensation to complete relief when you first look into the face of your brand new little one...

who does she look like? Its always hard to tell at first-She still has that newborn look-but She resembles me more than her Daddy.

Gwen looks so much like Michael that it was pretty easy to tell right away she definitely favors me. She has my eyes, arms, legs. hands,feet lips, but Michael's nose :) oh and she has my dimples!

but straight straight hair-so we have curls and dimples! Such beautiful girls!

We're so happy to add her to our family! Thanks God;)

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