Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy New Year! and um Merry Christmas...

We had a wonderful (and busy) holiday season! I'll just pretend like that is why I haven't updated but really I just didn't want to...sorry...

Before we jump right in lets talk a walk down memory lane shall we? 
The Kitchen, Before:

And here it is now!
 Complete with counter-tops and beautiful floors!
 Michael did the stainless steel himself and it was quite a job (at least from what he tells me) It was much more difficult than he (we) anticipated but (I think) well worth the result!  Would we do it again? I'm not reality they are not *quite* finished.  We still need to weld the corners together-as is they are razor sharp and covered with tape to prevent finger and forehead slicing! I am really loving them though-especially with the brick.

We also have installed the shelves I say 'we' because I really did help with this one! 
I was the "no up a little on the left...a smidge too much go back..." human level component. 
very important.
Just this little step has really brought the whole thing together-the (primed, unpainted) trim around the doors really helps too.  And the running water. That part is like music to my ears-especially because I look like this now:
and have no business bending over a bathtub washing dishes.  Having that experience has made me extra thankful for a sink though!

The table has also been redeemed  from temp kitchen workhorse to its proper function and we have been able to eat our meals AROUND A TABLE again! Its the little things.

So I've moved out of our temp kitchen into this beauty and it is just SO EASY to make meals and function as normal! Seriously don't take that stove for granted ladies!!!!  It was fun to organize and decide how my new kitchen would best function 
I have all these neat features to work with!  

 There are still things to do, granted, like install the oven hood and lighting and wire the island for a dishwasher
( its future home!)

and various finishing touches.  I wont pretend I don't pause throughout the day to just look at it and do the  "grin in ecstatic delirium at inanimate objects" thing.
Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.

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  1. is absolutely beautiful! I've done a couple of kitchen renovations and the satisfaction of putting your 'mark' in your house is indescribable. You are exactly right about not taking things for granted. In my first renovation I suggested that contractors supply a psychologist or 'marriage counselor' to get through the whole ordeal.
    So happy for y'all!!