Monday, November 14, 2011


We have made fantastic leaps and bounds in the Kitchen department!

The last time you all saw the kitchen it looked like this:

 Since then we've installed our beaded board back splash:

Please excuse the iPhone photo quality-I was too lazy to pull out my big fancy camera and things were happening!!
So this is the best I've got. 
stop whining.

And refinished the floors-We had to move out for this step because the fumes were so strong-we stayed at Michael parents house so we wouldn't be breathing it in all night.  I don't have any pictures of the process for this reason. At least that's what I'm going to say-really its because I just didn't take any...but they are gorgeous and I'll put some in my next post- I promise.  If you can't wait until then just click HERE and see what we did for our bedroom floors - its basically the same thing and the same amount of work for my husband-man he's amazing;)

THEN we assembled the cabinets.  Can I hear a whoot whoot for  my sis-in law Alita-she helped me build most of them and now we're IKEA cabinet pros! Seriously we can put them together in our sleep...not to brag or anything...

another terrible Iphone picture...I promise fancy high resolution pictures of these too..

 We've also started our counter tops

Which are actually further along than this and beautiful but I'm going to leave you in suspense until they're done. And just for reference that empty space is for a new dishwasher we have yet to purchase and that white beaded board box in the right corner is a sneak peek at the banquet seat Michael is building.
yes I'm doing teasers now...gotta keep ya'll on your toes...

The most important improvement, though, is that while installing the cabinets my sweet husband did this:

 so I could do this:

That man loves me...

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  1. It is the little things! Our house started with one sink in the kitchen, one counter that was 2ft long, and a bathtub in the living room...I feel your pain, and I know your joy in having counter space! Happy New Year!