Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I got dressed today.

For the last 2 weeks this has been my uniform

The TV on in the background?  That has also been a constant as of late. What?! I JUST had a baby ok

Yesterday morning Michael had to go back to work and after 2 weeks of spending all day together we were really sad to see him go:(
But it was time to try and get a routine together again for Gwens sake so this morning ( and yesterday) I got up and put actual clothes on and did my usual morning chores
Look! A BELT!!!

   My wardrobe is a bit daunting at the moment-I don't really know what fits/is nursing friendly right now... I am super spoiled from wearing slouchy clothes for 2 weeks-I don't want to be uncomfortable *whine*

 Also- I want to dye my hair.  I'm thinking something along these lines

Its nothing I haven't done before- except my hair is longer now...and this was a really red red

  I'm also thinking about bangs-which I've also done before:

hmmmmmmm-these are really tough hair decisions...Also I said also too many times in this post.

well that was a lot of rambling about hair-how about a obligatory cute baby picture!


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  1. bahahaha we are too much alike (: