Thursday, January 31, 2013

Harmony-1 Pinterest-1,472

That's how many pins I have. 1,472. 
 I actually made something I saw on pinterest. I know! I'm excited! 

  I'm sure you've seen the whole blueprint sized engineer prints floating around pinterest thing but just in case you haven't here is the rundown. You can order an engineer print from staples for about $10.  (here look I'll even give you a link) The biggest size is 36" x48" but we went with the 24x36

We used insulating foam, cut to size as our backing.

The reasoning being its super light but thick so it gives the illusion its a canvas which is the esthetic I was going for.  Pretty isn't it...

Once we cut it I spray painted the sides with flat black spray paint.

then I trimmed the white border from my print

and using scotch tape to temporarily anchor one side,

sprayed the other with this spray adhesive,

pressed it down and then sprayed and stuck the other half. 

I wasn't happy with the transition between the backing and the print so to make it look less like I just stuck it on there I 'misted' it with the same black spray paint.

It ended up looking like the "holga-ish" effect from my photo editing program or a vignette of some sort.

I love this print over our bed. Out hands have shown up in a lot of pivotal family moments. we used a photograph of them for our wedding invitations and Michael's showed up in Gwen's birth announcements  I think its a fun little family thing to keep going! Plus I love that there is finally something substantial up there. Everything else I tried there was dwarfed by our massive bed but this thing can carry its own weight.

Thanks for reading! What pinterest projects have you had on your to-do list??

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  1. I've seen this pin before but didn't realize how easy it was!

    Thanks for sharing (and I'm pinning for future reference, by the way).

    One project I did from Pinterest was a photo-wreath. It took a lot longer than I anticipated and while I originally was going to make about 6 as Mother's Day gifts, I only ended up making one. And I kept it.

  2. Wow - this is great!!!

  3. What a fun project! After painting my room over the break, I have been compiling new art and reframing old keepers. This is definitely on my list of must-tries. Found you through the link-up...thanks for joining in!

  4. That turned out awesome! and I Love those yellow lamps! Too cute!
    I just found your blog, and am a new follower!

  5. It looks great-such an inexpensive twist on the canvas prints too :) LOVE your pillows as well!! Thanks for linking up with us!

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