Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to train your dragon!

The party for this Astrid costume;

was last Wednesday and my sweet friend Amber did such a great job  that I wanted to share it with all of you! You know how much I love a themed party! (see here and here and here haha!) Maybe it will give you a few ideas for throwing low budget parties-most of the decorations were made of cardboard.  Not that you can even tell...

 Toothless's body used to be a box. Amber spray painted the outline and then added detail with acrylics.  Would you believe his wings used to be a shower curtain?! Awesome:)
Watch out for the dragon nest! 
 Balloons, sharpie and fake moss:)

I really love the viking ship she made too
 Its cardboard again! A large tv box spray painted gray with wooden dowels for the oars.  The sail is just a piece of poster board with a fantastic dragon drawing-did I mention Amber is an excellent artist??

The food was all of course dragon and viking approved. We had 'fish scales' (pepperonis)  because, you know, Dragons eat fish. Dragon berries(fruit salad), terrible terror eggs ( grape tomatoes) , dragon scales(cucumber) and 'talking fish bones (fish sticks)' because someone somewhere in the movie says that and the children think its hilarious.  It was fun to listen to them all cracking up around the table while they read the little labels on everything
We also had 'Gronkle eggs' (biscuit dough wrapped around a hot dog"

 The best part were these 'dragon lit torches'
 A cupcake cooked in a ice cream cone with some fiery icing. The dragon lighting them up is a homemade creation as well. Just a $1 dinosaur with some scrapbook wings hot-glued on!

the kids also had a little bit of 'dragon training'

 Check out that Natterhead! What you don't know what that is!!??! Watch the movie!!

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