Thursday, August 23, 2012

Living Room Update and Design Board!

Yesterday I mentioned Michael did something awesome in the living room.

Can you spot the awesome?

A new door!!

It opens and closes with a simple turn, a flick of my wrist!
I no longer have to riot kick the front door to get inside!
Just look at how sad and pitiful the old door is...

 Never does he look more attractive than when he is making improvements to our home...

I love his "i'm barely tolerating you right now stop taking pictures" face

He also got started on the baseboards and trim but we're not quite done with that part yet. Can you believe we're already on the last step? Also the cat decided this was an appropriate thing to do...
thanks Lo-Mein I really love sawdust all over the house.

I've been busy too! I can't always help with the construction part. Not that I'm not willing; I do get busy with a paintbrush! But these children always NEED stuff.  Like food and water and attention. So its almost a waste of time for me to get started on something since I'll have inevitably leave him hanging when Ivy needs to eat or Gwenie wants me to play or read or talk to/with her.   So instead I spend his money. Just kidding. But not really...

What I really do is make the important decisions like what couch to buy and then spend hours researching and reading reviews to make sure we're getting a good deal-so really I'm SAVING money right?!  All for you baby.  Its all in how you look at it.

Then I put all my ideas together in a handy mood board and say "Look. This is what I want." and he replies. "Looks Fantastic. Whatever you want my darling queen. I especially love that $400 mirror."

 what? Its TRUE!

Ok its not-I'm way to cheap for a $400 mirror.
This is what I have in mind for our living room, design wise.

Living Room Design Board

Mood-or-design boards are a great place to start in any room and they give me a solid direction so when I'm out shopping for the actual items that will come live with us I'm not distracted by all the pretty, shiny and totally unrelated to our actual plan, things. I'm a sucker for good advertising...
 in this set 1,2,3 and 4 are from Ikea, 5,6 and 7 are from West Elm,  8 is from Target, 9 is from , and 10 is from
 For more details and direct links to all of the items you can go to

You can see other mood boards and their results here: the kitchen plan. and The result. Ivy's room and result here, and the bathroom we're currently working on here

I cant wait to be able to decorate this space in real life!!
What about you? anything going on in your life that you can hardly wait for??!
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  1. Just an idea, but a lot of IKEA stuff is on Ebay, at a much discounted may can find a few things on your list that way..I like the ideas of retro, but would probably add a bit more color in the room, maybe a family collage in reds and orages with small additions of the blues and yellows you have incorporated, just to add zing?

    1. OOoo Thanks for the tip on furniture! I'm not a big fan of red-especially with the red tones in the floor but I do have 2 orange chairs that may end up in that space! And some colored fabric mixed in with black and white prints for a gallery wall:)

  2. Oh my goodness! That old door has potential! HAHA! Love the new door! Congrats! It looks great!

    1. haha! shame on you using the dreaded 'p' word!!

  3. bahaha, I'm so happy you have a new front door! and I love the green and blues. I'm wanting to do a room with those colors.

  4. I love this entertainment center!! And those retro chairs are great too :)